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Alan Finchett

Board Member & Founder of Enable (Sheffield)

Hi everyone I am Alan and I am the founder of Enable, although retired now Enable will always be part of my heart so i was honored to be invited onto Enable's Board of Directors.


Initially we started out working from one classroom recycling toys. My role was to support the learners, picking them up and transporting them to and from the site, collecting used toys and bikes to recycle, as well as making tea and anything else that was required of me.

As time went by, Enable thrived and flourished into the highly recognised training provider that it is today. Owning our own premises and giving lots of skills and opportunities to our disabled community enabling them to live their life more independently.

The journey to where we are now has been long and sometimes complicated to say the least. I have many stories about this journey, some good, some not so good, but all of it has been an incredible learning experience with many happy occasions along the way. I have lots of people to thank for this journey, who enabled us to attain what we have. A am very proud of what we have achieved and no matter how bad things sometimes got, our learners have always made me smile.

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