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Computer Room

This is very popular area with our learners. Our spacious training room was rejuvenated in 2015 and increased from 8 computers to 14 due to popular demand.

Learners are encouraged to join in with themed topics that run in the morning, these are specially written and designed with the specific needs and skills of the learners in mind. Also trying to integrate literacy and numeracy skills into their work. Past projects have included Superheroes, Dinosaurs, Countries and Animals. Week by week learners will fill in worksheets (as a group) answering simple questions about that week’s subject matter. All the work that they complete is put together in a folder for them to proudly take home when the topic is finished. Any learner not wanting to join in with the topics are still very welcome in the Computer Room they can simply use the computers for their own use

The afternoons are given up for the learner to use the computers for their own utilization. This can range from using the internet to listen to their favour music or watching shows to playing games or typing.. They can also take advantage of our Wii and numerous games that usually brings out the more competitive side of our learners.

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