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Nigel Mansell

Board Member

My name is Nigel and I worked at Enable looking after all matters “Financial” for 9 years. Having been enveloped into their loving family I was delighted to be asked to part of their Board of Directors after my retirement.

I wasn’t an Accountant by trade but was used to managing money throughout my life.  My career started back in 1976 in Construction. I was part of the Commercial Surveying Team. It was my job to produced estimates and quantities for projects to produce a financial budget and manage and monitor costs for the work as the project proceeds. My job entailed working in the North and the Midlands. When the recession of 2010 hit I decided to take early retirement. Whilst my construction career had ended I always thought that I had something to offer someone but how would I find it?

For many years I had known of the “blue building” next to the doctors surgery but I didn’t know what happened there. One day I decided to find out. That day I met Alan, the General Manager at the time. He told me all about Enable and what services they offered. After much conversation I decided to start volunteering for one day per week to help produce a new website. I volunteered for about 18 months in total and after the website was done I started supporting the Learners. Unbeknown to me at the time but the last 18 months turned out to be a long interview by Alan. He had listened to what I had done in my previous career and lined me up to take over the role of Financial Controller if I wanted to. The rest was history as the saying goes !

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