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Craft Room

The craft section is popular with many of our learners. Many find it does not matter that they had no particular artistic skills when they start this program, but through working with staff and trying out the various skills they are introduced to, they can produce interesting pieces of work.


Over the years, the learners have created many wonderful things that range from Glass Painting, Tie Dying, Making Candles & Jewellery and many more. Our learners are always very proud of their work and cannot wait to take it home. Not only are they creating lovely pieces of work but also they are building an interesting and colourful portfolio of evidence to accompany it. They also enjoy being involved in deciding what their next creation might be and agreeing how they can achieve their plan. We are always aiming to encourage learners to meet targets and fulfil their creative ideas as well as ensuring a safe and adequate environment at all times.

The craft  learners also love to go on local walks when the weathers nice, out on trips to the cinema, bowling, crazy golf etc. Therefore, these activities are planned frequently throughout the year to meet learner’s desired requests.

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