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Garage Area

The Garage area is popular for lots of budding car mechanics. It started off life with classic car renovation projects but has grown over the years to incorporate many different mechanical developments and ventures. Learners help strip down cars, repair any necessary parts, maintain and replace parts within the process of the renovation, ultimately bringing the cars back to their former glory. This is all done under the guidance and supervision of our fully trained mechanic with years of experience.


Some of the projects we have worked on over the years have been a 1935 Austin Litchfield Saloon, a Triumph Herald, 1971 MGB GT and several Velocette LE Motorcycles. The learners also get the opportunity to attend local car shows, where they can learn a lot about all kinds of vehicles. This is something that the learners have really enjoy in the past.


As well as all the mechanical work, learners have also designed and built circuit boards, which is used to build a better understanding of electric circuits and fault finding techniques. They have also had a go at building their own car out of scrap.

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