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Garden Area

In an area at Enable not always blessed with the warmth and comfort of other areas, my dedicated workers show so much enthusiasm to create a garden that can be appreciated by everyone.

We have numerous tasks to do throughout the year depending on the time of year. In Spring we are busy sowing seeds and taking and growing cuttings. On into summer we start making our hanging baskets and potting up plants for sale to the public and maintaining the small garden area, including pruning and weeding. We have recently replaced the grassy areas with artificial turf, making it better for the users of the gardens, who will now be able to use the area all year long, even throughout the soggy months.  Autumn and Winter we are usually kept very busy with the collection of Holly ready to make up the various Christmas Wreaths we have for sale to the public.

Since I started at Enable my team and I have created many new additions and improvements to the whole garden area. These include a dry stone wall, rock gardens, raised beds made with railway sleepers and a Fruit and Vegetable plot. All the learners in the garden area always give 100% into all they do and no matter what the weather brings whether we are inside or outside they enjoy every minute of it.

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