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Kitchen Area

The Kitchen and Dining area at Enable is the hub of the building. At the start of the day all learners congregate here before heading off to their areas. For the learners working in the kitchen this means helping out with breakfast time teas and coffees.

After all learners head off to their areas for the day the kitchen crew start their main task of cooking dinner and desserts for everyone. We sell various sandwiches and hot snacks like Toasties, Burgers and Chip Butties and for those watching their waistlines we have a healthy option of Salads and Jacket Potatoes with various fillings. Desserts include ice cream sundaes and various homemade cakes. We also offer various Halal options.

So whether the learners are peeling potatoes, mixing cakes or cutting up vegetables they always make sure that dinners are ready to be served up at dinner time.

But it doesn’t stop there not until the clearing and cleaning up all the pots from dinner! After all their hard work the learners can finally relax, and often chill out by going on local walks during the warmer months or heading into the computer room to use the computers or play on the Wii.   

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