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S.A.L. Room

In SAL we enjoy a variety of different activities, from Makaton to Drama Stories, Music to Painting. We don’t have as much structure in this room as the other areas, therefore it’s a good place to let loose and have fun.

We have a selection of musical instruments and have, in the past, helped out with making sounds for plays and shows here at Enable. We like to do individual projects and often all our learners will be doing separate activities, they do however love a good group activity, especially the really noisy ones.

In SAL we like to make props for parties so Halloween and Christmas are our messiest times !!. This Halloween we made Headless Men in Stocks, Mummies and Giant Spiders, and at Christmas we like to decorate the whole room with a different theme, like Winter Wonderland or Santa’s Grotto.

We enjoy going out on trips and love a good walk to park to eat our lunches on nice days. We use our interactive board to enjoy playing games, watching films and learning new words for singing hands. In SAL we love to make people laugh and jokes are our favourite thing to tell. We also have a computer for people who want to listen to music or do some typing.

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