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S.A.L. Room

In S.A.L. we are not as structured as the other areas and enjoy a lot of group based activities. We love to learn different ways to communicate using; Makaton, P.E.C.S. and Singing Hands.

We love a good drama story in S.A.L. and these are used to promote co-operative learning and allow our learners to be creative and express themselves. It really helps promote understanding and retention of language too.

We also have a great passion for competitions and often run tournaments for Pool, Table Tennis and Air Hockey in our games room.  Our focus is to encourage learners to work together, improve communication and to ultimately have fun whilst gaining social skills that they can use in their personal life.

As a reward for the completion of projects we celebrate with a good party and have themed fun days in the classroom. We also have a good selection of musical instruments that we use to partake in Karaoke and Singing Hands and also to help out when Enable put on shows and plays. Our Interactive smart board gets a lot of use, mainly for playing games, but also gets used when we have film days, it’s just like the cinema!! We enjoy going out on trips and like to go and eat our lunches at the local park.